About this blog

Hello, internet! My name is Giorgio Arcamone, and I am a software engineer from Connecticut.
I've been coding since my early teens, and dabbled in almost everything under the sun. I prefer curly-braces and semicolons -- I think C-like languages are pretty cool! With that in mind, I'm presently focused on building interesting systems using web applications and related technologies. That means PHP and Javascript, but I've dabbled with Go and C# too.

Haters can hate all they want, PHP is pretty great.

Regarding education, I'm a self-taught programmer, and hold a few certifications - ZCE from Zend and Scrum Master from the Scrum Alliance. I also attended Western Connecticut State University. While at WestConn I joined Zeta Beta Tau, and climbed the ranks to become Zeta Theta's Chapter President. Social/service organizations like those found in greek life play an important role in teaching our youth the value of giving back to their communities; I am grateful to have had this experience, and encourage others to do so.

Some of the guys at one of our campus-wide barbecues.

I'm also an open-source enthusiast. Wanting to learn more about computers, I picked up a few Linux distributions and dove right in. These days I'm a fan of Debian as far as Linux systems go, but I'm also a huge fan of FreeBSD. There are some really excellent features like the Ports tree, ZFS and Jails.

You might say I'm a devil's advocate.

With all that said, I hope to use this blog to "share the wealth," and shed some light on topics I'm interested in.
If you'd like to contact me, email works - giorgio@gioarc.me
Or if that's too old-school, LinkedIn is pretty popular these days.