Dependency Injection with Slim and PHP-DI

I'm a big fan of the Slim Framework, in this post I'll show you how to use it alongside PHP-DI for dependency injection.


Blacklistd: A new approach to blocking attackers

Say goodbye to fail2ban and hello to blacklistd, a new approach for blocking attackers


VPNing with OpenVPN and OpenResolv

Occasionally I need to connect to a VPN for work. Here's a quick tip on how to combine OpenVPN with OpenResolv to get custom DNS lookups working.


Containing web services with iocell

I'm a huge fan of the FreeBSD jails feature. In this post I'll walk you through setting up a typical web server using FreeBSD Jails with the iocell utility.


First post!

Every blog has to start somewhere. In this post I detail the tools used to assemble gioarc.me